Company of Dreams

Itziar is one of the principal dancers in the prestigious Company of Dreams, a new Arts Council funded dance company led by internationally renowned oriental dancer/choreographer Charlotte Desorgher .

A  London based dance company which blends middle eastern dance with western dance forms to produce dramatic theatrical dance productions. At a time when the middle east is associated in western minds with war, terrorism and destruction, we are working to raise the profile of middle eastern dance and remind people of the region’s rich culture of myth and storytelling.

We also aim to overcome negative and mistaken perceptions of the middle eastern dance form generally known as bellydance and help keep it alive at time when it is under serious threat in its native lands, as a result of increased religious fundamentalism.

We are further committed to fostering cross-cultural relationships between westerners and people from the middle east, and promoting the physical and mental wellbeing properties of middle eastern dance particularly, but not exclusively, for women.

Our vision is to help transform the landscape of middle eastern dance in the UK – to raise standards, overcome prejudice towards the art and its practitioners and to bring together MENAT people and westerners in joint appreciation of middle eastern dance.


A dramatic new production -Scheherazade and 1001 Nights

Scheherazade is our most ambitious project to date. A full length oriental ballet, it features our unique blend of bellydance with western dance forms such as contemporary dance, jazz and Latin, plus fire artistry, illusion and thrilling music, all wrapped up in a dramatic narrative to keep you on the edge of your seat.

We’ll take you on an exciting, exotic journey and leave you with potent images of ancient times when a brave and resourceful young woman really could save the world by telling stories.

Future performances

Following the overwhelming success of our premiere in Tunbridge Wells, Scheherazade will be coming to London’s Sadlers Wells on Sunday 25th September and Sunday 9th October 2016. Tickets will be on sale late summer.

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