Hire a Bellydancer


Hiring a bellydancer is a wonderful treat for any kind of event or celebration, so if you are looking to add some glam and magic to it then you have come to the right place!!

Itziar captivates her audience with her professional and entertaining shows full of energy, lively music, sparkling costumes and exciting props such as silk veils, fan veils, cane, candles or finger cymbals.
She regularly performs at weddings, restaurants, hen parties, corporate events, birthday parties, community events, as well as high profile shows.

Whether is a party opener or a surprise, a bellydance artist is a guaranteed success, she will make you smile and even dance!

If you are interested in hiring Itziar for your next event pleaseĀ email to info@itziardance.com or phone 07900833359 and please provide a few details about your next event such as: date and location, type of event and size of the venue. Depending on the type of event Itziar can also offer a class for everybody to enjoy and learn. Please provide with your event details if you want to receive a quote and advice about what would be the best option for your event: show, class, or both!
More dancers are available on request.